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Appreciation from Joint Special Operations Forces

We are incredibly thankful and appreciative for the recognition sent to us by SFC John Chavez from his unit of Joint Special Operations Forces in Kuwait. It means the world to us when we hear how our program has succeeded in providing the physical and moral support deployed service members deserve.  "We received the rest of the HeroBoxes today and the crew was ecstatic, it was like Christmas morning here....We were needing those stress balls and the variety of snacks and coffee and food were off the hook. May God bless you and your family, the Innoplex family, and HeroBox family for sending a little bit of home to us. It was greatly appreciated and not soon forgotten. Special thanks to my...

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HeroBox: The Vision Driven by Devotion

HeroBox founder Ryan Housley set off on his mission to bring physical and moral support to deployed service members after his own experience in sending support to his brother Evan when he was deployed. Ryan sent care packages filled with requested items from Evan every month. Each time, the list of items as well as the number of boxes began to increase. Curious, Ryan asked Evan why his item list was increasing. Evan explained to Ryan that many of the troops he was deployed with did not receive any sort of support from home. Evan requested an increasing amount of items so that he could share them with the members around him that never received anything. Astonished with the news...

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Packing Made Easy: What to Put in Your HeroBox

We get the question all the time, "What should I put in my HeroBox?". When sponsoring a Hero on our website, the deployed service member you are connected with is bound to be grateful for anything you send. Most of the time, the Hero will have a list of requested items on their profile available for you to view. If for some reason your Hero does not have any requested items and they are not responding to their messages because they are occupied keeping all of us safe, we wanted to provide you with a few awesome things you can use to put a box together!  Food Items: Jerky, Popcorn, Cup of Noodles, Hard Candy, Gum, Trail Mix Hygiene Items: Toothbrush and...

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